Floor space
Total weight

Approximately 54 cm wide by 63 cm deep
149 cm
Approximately 86 kg

Power Supply – Main
Power Consumption
External Connections
AC 117V +/-10% 60 Hz
Does not exceed 1.5 amps
Isolated RS3 and Ethernet ports; leakage current isolation per UL 6060I-I between the machine and external computer
Ingress Rating
Back Flow Prevention

Water Pressure
Water Temperature

IPXI (Vertical drip-proof protection)
Integral back flow prevention provided by external vet to atmosphere in water inlet circuit
Min 0 psi; max 105 psi
Min 10°C; max 5°C
AAMI Standar, RD6;006 and RD5:004, Dialysate for Hemodialysis
3 feet maximumm height. Must comply with local codes and must maintain a free fall air gap between drain hose and building drain.
Temperature 37°C. Flow rate 60 ml/min. Time between 10 and 60 minutes (internally selectable)
Dialyzing Fluid  
Dialysate Flow
Adjustment Range

Dialysate Flow button
Accuracy: ±5%
Sequential (0)/100/200/300/400/500/600/700/800 ml/min., selectable in the Dialysis screen;
Additionally: 1.5X or 2X dialysate flow rate based on the Blood Pump rate (Qb):

Qb w/1.5X selected
0 – 165†
166 – 215†
216 – 315†
315 and below‡
316 – 415
416 – 480
481 and above
Qb w/2X selected
0 – 150†
151 – 215†
216 – 265†
265 and below‡
266 – 315
316 – 365
366 and above

Note: All flow rates are approximate. Dialysate flow will not adjust unless the
blood pump is adjusted at least 15 – 20 ml/min.
† (if Auto Flow Minimum 300 Qd is set in Service Mode)
‡ (if Auto Flow Minimum 500 Qd is set in Service Mode)

Concentrate Pressure Max suction height 3 feet
Max supplied pressure 2 psi

Acid Adjustment Range

130 to 155 mEq/L Na+
Bicarbonate Adjustment Range 20 to 40 mEq/L Bicarbonate
Range of Display 10.0 to 17.0 mS/cm.At 25°C.Alarm limits will not go below 12.5 or above 16.0 mS/cm.
Dialysate Temperature Selectable from 35 to 39°C
Ultrafiltration Control  
UF Pump Volume Accuracy
±1% (for Pdi > -500 mbar) where Pdi = dialysate pressure on the inlet side of the dialyzer
Fluid Removal Rate from Patient 0 – 4000 ml/hr
UF Profiles Eight UF profiles are available for the removal of fluid from the patient.
Four are preset and four may be defined by the user.
Heat Disinfection  
83 ±8°C
Flow Rate 600 ml/min.
Time Between 10 and 60 minutes (internally selectable)
Chemical Disinfection  
37°C (set point applicable)
Flow Rate 620 ml/min.
Time Between 10 and 60 minutes (internally selectable)
Blood Circulation
Blood Pump

Display of blood flow 6 – 600 ml/min
Internal diameter of rate blood pump segment
2.6, 4.8, 6.4, 8.0 mm
Heparin Pump  
Type of Syringe
10 – 12 ml disposable syringe
Administration Rate 0 to 9.9 ml/hr
Arterial Pressure Monitor -300 to +500 mmHg
Venous Pressure Monitor -80 to +500 mmHg
TMP Monitor +60 to -520 mmHg
Level detector Ultrasonic impulses detect fluid level in the drip chamber
Blood Leak Detector Two color light source transmitter / sensor with a resolution of:
minor > 0.35 ml/min. of blood (hematocrit = 25%)
alarm > 0.45 ml/min. of blood (hematocrit = 25%)
Access Flow (Qa) requires OLC Maximum Qa: 2000 ml/min
User Interface  
Language The operating screens may be set to either French (Canadian),
Spanish (Mexico), or English (USA)
Blood Pressure Module  
Cuff Inflation Typically 5 – 10 seconds from 0-250 mmHg
Interval Settings Interval times: 5 – 60 minutes in increments of 5 minutes
Optional Features  
Blood Volume Monitor (BVM)  
Blood Temperature Monitor (BTM)  
Single Needle (SN)  
Integrated Auto

Pre-rinse between 15 – 30 minutes @ 600 ml/min or 300 ml/min (user selectable).
Disinfect (IAD) Note: Silicon inlet/drain tubing set #M38512 must be used with this option

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